About ICE

Today is the -era of globalization. In this globalized era, ICE has got prominence place. Everywhere and every people talk about ICE. ICE is also one of the needs and calls of the day. IT has changed our lives, living standard, and way of viewing world. More importantly, it has changed the world into global village where people can know about world sitting in a single screen. To adapt every changing scene and scenario, education is the only one means to prepare. Research study found very surprising types of result about ICE. There are four types of people in the world know as digitally dinosaur, digitally emigrants, digitally immigrants and screen agar.

International Computer Engineering is one of the best training institute providing its service since its establishment in dhankuta. It was established in 2012. ICE is privately owned IT organization with an aim to bridge the gap plethora if information available electronically and chaotic information available in the web to the IT students.

ICE is famous for offering courses covering the hottest issues and topic in IT. ICE has focused its training toward any professional looking to designed to help the students accomplish specific objective or aim/goal.

ICE is dedicate and highly competent IT knowledge pool in the country an its major asset. Over the years, ICE has developed and honed its level of expertise in different field of IT possession in ons and system to hone their skills. We have made it possible and affordable for everyone to study.

Our course has been designed by experts to give the most sought IT skills within the world’s Jobs market. Each of the course deliver multiple industry accredited qualification that are highly valued by job holder. It means that you are not only getting a course you are getting chance to have a new career.

Our course constantly evaluated to maintain high standards of students satisfaction. Introducing innovative training methods that make learning everlasting providing them with the skills needed to go ahead in job market. We strive to change the way people learn technology ensuring a richer learning exposure and better educational product. Our aim/goal is simple-making learning as easy as possible for our students to provide a quality learning experience.